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Chesslike - Chess-based dungeon crawler(2012-2014)
JS Space Shooter - First JavaScript game attempt (Winter '10)
AS3 Side Scroller - pretty sweet (Summer '10)
Card Craft(Winter '09)
Zonk - Private, contact me for a password. (Spring '10)
Financially Correct - Student Project (Spring '09)
FoodMASTER - 1200 copies shipped (Summer '09, Spring '11)

Blogs I Host

(And sometimes help out with)

Dat Grizz
Dog Blog USA
John Seyal
Kait Whistler Seyal

Bloggers I support

Engage PR Blog - Mike Tomlinson
The Cool Ship - John Calhoun

Also... - A simple site that tells you if your computer is running a 32 or 64 bit operating system.